The Henry Kunkel Society was born in Seattle at the home of Mart Mannik, M.D., who passed away on Wednesday August 22 at the age of 86.

HKS Colleagues have prepared a tribute to Dr. Mannik: In memoriam: Mart Mannik

An article of Henry Kunkel and his incredible contributions to the field of auto immune diseases: http://centennial.rucares.org/index.php?page=Autoimmune_Diseases



Following his HKS lecture, Carl Nathan's review, "Fundamental immunodeficiency and its correction" is now featured in the July issue of The Journal of Experimental Medicine.  


HKS keynote speaker, Michel C. Nussenzweig, along with Jean-Laurent Casanova and Carl Nathan, have published an article in the April issue of The Journal of Experimental Medicine, entitled, "Human studies at JEM: Immunology and beyond".  We announce JEM as the official journal of the Henry Kunkel Society.